World obesity day is observed on the 11th of October. In the recent times, obesity has become a major problem. This is a problem which comes  with many serious effects on the individual, society, and the country.


  1. DIET: One of the main causes of obesity is diet. people eat more and more high carbohydrate and high fatty foods. Some of the traditional foods like puri, halwa, etc are also very oily and because of increasing affluence they eat more.
  2. LIFESTYLE: Second major cause is lifestyle. Due to sedentary job, hectic lifestyle people do not get enough time to exercise regularly. Due to this they tend to gain weight.
  3. GENETIC AND MEDICAL ISSUE: Obesity is passed through genes as well but someone has rightly said " IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY BECAUSE NO ONE RUNS IN THE FAMILY.." Medical issues like hypothyroidism can also be the cause of obesity and needs medical attention. 
  4. EDUCATION: Lack of education and awareness can also be the cause of obesity. The society's attitude to food often lead to over consumption. Parents don't teach good eating habits to children and many people lack knowledge about good nutrition or a balanced diet.


It's a disorder where you have an excess amount of body fat. There is no easy cure for obesity. Short cut method will lead to short cut to your life span. So, reduce your body fat through adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.


  • Set realistic diet goals: set goals which are realistic and possible to attain.
  • Create a healthy eating plan: creating a healthy eating plan will help to lower down your body weight and treat obesity. The plan should be a balanced plan. One sample menu is given below to shed extra kilos:7 AM- MORNING- green tea/dalchini water/methi water7:30 AM TO 8:30 AM- BREAKFASTveg. daliya/ veg. oats/ milk oats/ veg. sandwich with sprouts/boiled egg11 AM TO 12 PM-MID MORNINGcoconut water/ green tea/ lemon water1 PM TO 2 PM-LUNCHany dal with roti and salad/ chicken(grilled) with salad/ any veg. roti and salad 4:30 PM TO 5:30 PM-EVENING- green tea or tea with handful roasted chana8:30 PM TO 9:30 PM-DINNERany veg. roti and salad/ soup (without cornflour) with salad and any veg./ grilled chicken with salad/ grilled fish with salad
  • Commit to cook your own meal: Eating out can be expensive and add more pounds to your waistline. Prepare your own food  as you will be aware about the quantity of ingredients you will be adding in your food.
  • Read food labels where you go grocery shopping: You should always read food labels as you will be aware of the amount of calories and ingredients in that product.
  • Control portion size: Reducing your portion size every time you eat can help you to consume fewer calories and have control over how much food you consume.
  • Cut down on alcohol intake: Alcohol contain high amount of calories and sugar. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink every week and increase the amount of water you drink. Drinking water will help your body stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Avoid crash dieting: You may be tempted to try quick weight loss programme or diet, this will lead to other health issues. The only way to lose weight is to adopt healthy eating habit.
  • Limit foods that are high in saturated and trans fat as they will raise blood cholesterol level and increase risk of heart disease.
  • Exercise: To achieve significant weight loss one should start doing some exercise programme. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you live a healthy life.
  • Seek medical advice from the doctor and dietary advice from a dietitian.

Let's celebrate this dussehra and obesity day by switching from unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy journey to health.