Coronavirus has gripped not just one country but the whole world.

Due to the way the virus spreads it became important to maintain social distancing.

At the same time, it also became essential to use disposables, gloves, masks.

Earth Is Healing

With so much population all over the world, the only way to maintain social distancing and gain some time to form a plan to fight the new virus was to impose a lockdown.

Many countries were under lockdown for at least more than a month.

This gave the earth some time to heal itself without human interference.

With industries shut, and people staying indoors, nature appeared to be in rejuvenation mode. The air became purer, our rivers became cleaner, animals were able to roam freely.

Even in India, which falls in the top 5 countries of high carbon emissions, it has seen a drastic drop in its levels.

While we had lockdown restrictions, wildlife had been using this lack of human spreading to venture out of their own territories. Rivers all over the world became cleaner due to no water traffic, no water pollution.

Our own river Ganga became so clean that aquatic life was visible.

But now we all are coming out of lockdown and getting back to the new normal life.

The new normal life consists of wearing masks, implementing social distancing, carrying our own bags, use of disposables.

Plastic Problem

There is no alternative as of now to use of PPE by the medical and other industries. But we all can help in keeping plastic waste to a minimum.

Opt for an environment-friendly option.

Wear masks made of cloth instead of disposable masks. The cloth masks can be washed and sterilized.

Carry your own cloth bag while going to buy groceries or vegetables.

Do not leave used masks anywhere lying around in public places.

Restaurants can use recyclable wooden spoons and plates.

Recyclable materials are the future for a healthy earth.

We all were making efforts to gain control over our plastic problem before Corona.

On this Environmental day, let’s all contribute in our own way to regain that control over plastic and make the earth a heavenly place to live