As the 'work from home' culture has gained acceptance in the whole world due to the pandemic, many people working from the comfort of their homes haven't readily stepped out from their places of abode. Working from home has taken a toll on people's health both physically and mentally. Some of the common problems observed by the clinicians during the pandemic are briefly described below:-

1. Working from home doesn't provide a perfect working environment. People have been reporting that working from home has taken a toll on the efficacy of work and have made them prone to stress. This has caused more reports of work-related stress, sleep disturbance, and headaches among people working from home.

2. Most people working from home in metros and TIER 1 cities do not even venture out to buy their groceries, thus causing a decrease in physical activity and hence an increase in weight and making them susceptible to cardiac issues in their future course.

3. People working from home are reporting bone pain, lethargy and easy fatiguability. This is mostly because of vitamin D deficiency which is obtained from natural sunlight.

4. It has been found people working from home have reported a deranged lipid profile, increased glycemic index, thus being more prone to being a prediabetic and sudden increase in weight which can in the future lead to full-blown diabetes and cardiac issues.

5. Due to the long and strenuous screen time reported by people due to working on their laptops, more people are reporting headaches.