A woman is hard wired to be a Giver. She is the one who makes our lives worthwhile. She is a source of joy, love, and fulfillment. But she also deserves an excellent health.  She needs to replenish her body.  She gets all sorts of  Health challenge through her life -It can be a PCOD/PCOS, White Discharge.  Fibroids... These are happening because of the biochemical changes in her body. And so she needs training about Diet, Hormonal health, Work situations, Exercise and her Changing Relationships that have implications.  Remember that most of the changes are very slow and subtle in a female body.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The recommendations below are simple and hence achievable.  These can easily become the lifelong habit for women and help her achieve the happiness she deserves. 

Broadly women fall into 3 groups:-

  1. Group 1 Puberty and youth group (12-25) years 
  2. Group 2 Caregiver phase (Married /Mothers/Nurturers/Working Women) (28-47) 
  3. Group 3  The Menopausal women(50-till age) 

GROUP 1 comes with common ailments like Acne, Hormonal Imbalance, Missed Periods, Periods irregularities, Anemia, Facial Hair and  Thyroid disorders. This group needs limited medication. But numerous lifestyle amendments are required.  The girls in this age group are heavily into Social Media, have Long Hours of Sitting, Sleep at Odd Hours and are Gaining Weight by day. Not a healthy lifestyle!  This is like violence being inflicted by girls on themselves. 

Key Recommendations: A very nutritious diet, Aerobic  Exercise and Simple Weight Training, Healthy sleep and Earthly sleep timing.  The outcomes are inner health that manifests in form of Radiant Glowing Skin Hair and a Fit Body.

GROUP 2  is the one who is fatigued and drained because they are multi-tasker. The most Ailments like Fibroids, Varicose Veins, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Dramatic Changes in Body hit them. This group believes that there is the body is flawed and are waiting for a Health Accident to Happen. And they are into excess food consumption. 

Key Recommendations Taking out time for Exercise, Resistance Training, and Hobbies is a must for the mental and physical well-being of this category. 

GROUP 3 suffers the most as she is robbed of her well-being hormones. To name a few Menopause causes  Depression, Extreme Osteoporosis,  Heat flashes, Joint Problems, Heart Ailments and Diabetes

Key Recommendations: Controlling weight, Controlling Carbohydrates, 30-45 Minutes Exercising (yoga) & Eating proteins, and fewer carbohydrates are very important for this category.

So what are you waiting for: Firm Up, Burn Calories, Adopt healthy Lifestyle, Sleep well, and Don't postpone your Health issues. And most importantly feel good about yourself.