Let me take back on time,during  sixties and early seventies-Place AIIMS, Dept of Cardiology & Thoracic surgery. On an Average there were less than 10 girls in a batch of 50 students admitted for MBBS course,only 35 seats left for general categories & 15 for reserved students plus students from neighboring friendly countries like Nepal, Afghanistan,Iran etc. Indian girls had to compete for these precious 35 seats through a tough competition exam divided in 5 segments given equal importance-Physics,Chemistry,Biology, English & General Knowledge, followed by a tough interview to assess aptitude.

These few selected girls from all over India would opt for 'women' friendly subjects for post graduation.

None opted for Cardiology as it was  The Men Only Domain. 

Despite having Great Teachers as Bosses, they too thought about lone woman opting for 'tough' subject as a distraction for others!

Feminism was Unheard of,so was taking bosses to the Court or sending legal notices for Denying a Chance to Study Higher Cardiology!

One MBBS girl wanted Thoracic surgery as her subject to do just a housejob & she was refused to be fitted in the team of surgeons fearing that the Girls Cannot Cope with Surgeries which may last for 14 hours Plus.She did manage to convince Dean & was taken in as a sidey with no work to do !

This rule was applicable to Neuro Surgeons too !

Year 2017- Team Dr. Devi Shetty , Hospital Chain NH ( Narayana Health) started with 1 hospital at Bengluru in 2001

One Man's vision is now a $ 1 billion worth healthcare titan.

321 daily surgeries , 12627 full time Employees and students ( 62% WOMEN)

2001 -225 beds 1 faculty,1 location

2017-6600 beds,33 faculties 21 locations spread all over INDIA

Visit any Corporate Hospital with DNB facility which is at par with MD plus super speciality opted by women doctors as Cardiologists.

These spirited women did not need a Slogan to get higher education.

Will Power plus motivation through self and through associated men and women is a powerful combo for women to survive with Dignity & Money is Earned through devotion and hard work.

These women may manage to generate Crores as income to be invested in Own Home/Hospital/Clinic but The Money is Self Acquired !