Woman entrepreneur Dr.Sadhana Deshmukh renowned dermatologist & Aesthetic Dermatologist says all through our lives we've  been  told that beauty is skin deep,beauty of the soul, which is essential.But does this inner beauty come through at first glance?First impression or the physical impact of an individual inspires you to explore the beauty of  his soul.SKIN IS THE LARGEST ORGAN AND OUR REFLECTION.Women  are more resilient of the sexes.We are strong ,yet we are sensitive.We are tough,yet we are gentle.We personify that multi limbed deity who is a go getter. when we reach home we morph into caring mother,loving wife,doting daughter or daughter in law. But in meeting all these expectations we face a lot of stress and this then takes a toll on the physical aspect of our beauty.Hormones play imp role in skin and hair issues at all age groups .In a woman PCOD (Poly cystic ovary disease ) manifests at different stages in different ways and at all age groups. 

Top 5 routine concerns for women are:

1.     Acne & Oily skin :due to over active sweat glands which are under hormonal influence .Retinol-salicylicpeel based treatments are quite effective 

2.     Hair loss :premature hairloss called as telogen effluvium can be effectively controlled with specific vitamins and platelet rich plasma treatment

3.     Aging Fine lines, wrinkles:dermal fillers have skin holding capacity and Botox works in a natural way to reverse clock of aging. Energy based devices support to maintain these treatments

 4.     Pigmentation and blemishes:Qlaser ,injectable antioxidants, azelic & retinol mask treatments create wonders to lighten the pigmentation

5.     Unwanted hair :pain free hairfree laser hair reduction diode laser with IN-Motion Technology&a patented Dual Chill treatment tip.A few consistent treatments in specific areas needed to be hair-free.

She says we continue in our quest to keep learning & improving our skills to offer the latest&most appropriate techniques treatments .we got established as a center of choice for the latest in lasers ,derma fillers,botox & facial sculptuing