Recurrent or persistent involuntary spasm of the musculature of the outer third of the vagina that interferes withsexual intercourse. It may be mild, moderate, severe. In some vaginismus occurssexual activity but not during gynecological examinations. Husband may become impotent being persistently unsuccessful in penetration. Sometimes, relationship problem such as poor communication, continuous conflict and avoidance of sex for any reason can wreck in the life of a couple.

  Sex is a biological need and one of the most intimate and pleasurable of all human experiences. 

However, it can become a major concern for some persons who face recurrent sexual problem .Some couples require many weeks or a few months and sometimes even 1-2 years or more to sexually adjust with each other. A few couples never become sexuallycompatible and unfortunately if they never seek professional help, the problem is never resolved 

What are the advantage to be gained from the package?

The package provides effective treatment and consultation for both male and female sexual problem or even without sexual problems for premarital couples and singles counselling.

 Features of the package-Audio / video  consultation provides.-thorough diagnosis of the problem.-

 Recommendation of treatment according to age, gender and severity.- Medication are delivered via courier within 3-5 days.

Training of Vaginal Dilator through Video. 

 1.Collecting detailed history of patient and current lifestyle 

2 Diagnosis the underlying causes of problem.

3 Suggesting customized treatment based on the severity of the problem .

4 prescribing appropriate medications.

 Outcome of treatment-Relief from sexual problem-healthy sexual life Package extent Validity- 3 Months Mode of Consultation Unlimited Twice in a month Medicine include- for 3 months withVaginal gel.

MRP Cost-Rs 6000 Online Price Rs-3000.