Laddus are probably the most favoured Indian sweet during any festive or wedding season. But do you know that this small ball sized sweet is really bad for your health. Let us find out the reason behind this.

- High in calories: From larger sized motichoor laddus to small besan laddus, every laddu is made in high amounts of saturated fat with excessive sugar. It makes these laddus really high in calories. A single piece of boondi laddu of about 50 gram contains 185 Calories and 14 gram fat. Consuming excessive sweets has a hormonal impact on the body which can lead to a hormonal imbalance. High amounts of sugar also triggers binge eating and overeating.

-Prolong cooking destroy nutrition: Most of the laddus are made by deep frying and using the same oil over and over again. Re-using the same oil continuously for frying leads to the production of hazardous carcinogenic byproducts which is a major hazard to your health. Also, prolonged cooking of high amounts of fat and sugar in high temperatures leads to destruction of nutrients present in several ingredients, such as milk or nuts.

-Adulteration: During the festive season, news about adulteration in milk and sweets becomes the headlines of various news channels. But the adulteration these days is not limited to adding water in milk or adding vanaspati to refined oil. More and more hazardous products are being used for adulteration, which includes carcinogenic preservatives like formalin that can cause asthma attacks and damage the liver and kidneys. The silver foil used to garnish sweets is made of aluminum, which is also harmful.

So, if you want to avoid high calorie and hazardous foods, let your laddus go. Opt for home made low fat, low sugar laddus, if you really crave them.