Keep your kidney healthy and treat your kidney stones today!!

Kidney stones and renal calculi need prompt evaluation, early diagnosis and careful and complete treatment. For the fear of complications enumerated below, good treatment of urolithiasis is essential.Inadequate treatment can prove costly in the long term.

1. Non functional Kidneys - Stones can silently continually damage kidneys by progressive pressure, infection and obstruction finally leading to the death of the kidney

2. Obstruction - Stones can get get stuck in the collecting system, pelvis or ureter, leading to blockage of urine and swelling of the kidneys called Hydronephrosis.

3. Severe Infection of Kidneys - Stones harbor bacteria and can cause severe infection, inflammation, and obstruction of kidneys causing Pyelonephritis and Pyonephrosis.

4. Malignancy - Chronic stones and continuous infection may give rise to cancer or malignancy in the affected kidney

5. Renal Failure - Damage to both kidneys can cause renal failure and patients may need dialysis or transplant to survive.

6. Economic - Recurrent infections, pain, fever may require recurrent need to expensive medicines, admission and surgery leading to economic crisis in the family.

Many patients continue to take traditional medicines for Renal Stones (Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and others). Though they may be effective in some patients, scientific evidence of many of these therapies is lacking. Continually monitor your stones on these therapies as many of these therapies make you symptom free, but the stones continue to cause damage.

I will be happy to answer your questions regarding kidney stone treatment options best suited for you.