Knee arthritis is a progressive disorder caused by gradual loss of cartilage and resulting in the development of bony spurs and cysts along the margins of the joints. According to a survey done in India, a huge population, both urban and rural, are facing knee arthritis on a large scale. Common symptoms are pain, deformity and disability to do daily routine activities, like stair climbing, sitting cross legged or squatting. Knee arthritis affects women more commonly than men. Chiefly due to hormonal changes after a certain age that affect the joints adversely.Obesity and Genetic predisposition also play a role. 

   Socio-cultural habits like sitting cross legged on floor, squatting, long standing hours of work, frequent use of stairs, also contribute to the knee arthritis in the society. Malnutrition with calcium & vitamin D deficiency weakens the bones and predispose to arthritis.  

 “Knee Osteoarthritis leads to disability and loss of mobility, if pain is not relived by basic treatments like physiotherapy &medications, then Knee Replacement Surgery provides magical solution to all knee related problems", quotes Dr.Bakul Arora, Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon Thane.  

  As per a survey done by NDTV “India May Have 60 Million Osteoarthritis Cases by 2025” ( India may hold the highest rank of Arthritis patients by 2020.  Let's pledge to fight arthritis together and regain the freedom of movement.  Age Gracefully Live Carefree & Walk Painfree.  

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