Raw Haldi can be grown at home or it can be purchased from the vegetable vendors 

Haldi in our kitchens is also good but one can be vary about its Purity.

Some artificial colours might have been added as it's a routine to sell the brightest brand.

Each one of us is familiar with uses of Haldi courtesy Daadi ma ke nuske 

There are no doubts about the benefits of Haldi.

Haldi Benefits:

1) Carminative, anti-cancer, anti-flatulent, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Let me make it simple-It helps us burp, fight cancer in initial stages by killing the nasty cells which will go on multiplying to reach tumour state, fights infection by fighting with germs responsible for the infection.

2) Prevents formation of gallstones.

3) It is a rich source of antioxidants -When metabolism is going on non-stop within our bodies, certain byproducts are released and they get accumulated at places leading to heart/brain/joint..disease. Haldi acts to ward off byproducts.

4) Promotes healthy bones.

5) Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels

6) Regulates Thyroid functions.

7) Prevents anaemia by making iron + oxygen + proteins + vitamin C to be utilized better.

8) Boosts the immune system.

9) Rejuvenates skin-reason a haldi mask is applied to the bride and bridegroom to be as a Ritual.

10) Is a rich source of dietary fiber.

Let me just remind and repeat this wonderful useful goodness of East which is being looked into and researched by the Western world these days.

  • Smoothies using Haldi and Milk are getting popular but at a price 
  • We Indians have been using Haldi as an essential ingredient of Curries and sambars. 
  • 1.5 mg daily in pure form is all we need.
  • Haldi has curative properties to fight cancer,  arthritis, ♥ conditions and it does reduce the bad cholesterol in our blood.
  • Grow Haldi at home or buy it from the supermarket. Grate it well and boil with adequate water. Let it cool and this 'Treated' Water can be kept in the fridge for a week to be consumed a little mixed with milk every day.
  • This grated Haldi can be used as a Marinate for non-veg dishes.
  • Freshly grated Haldi can be used as salad dressing, chopped along with carrots, radish, tomatoes.

There are innumerable ways to consume Haldi but certain people should avoid:

1) Lactating mothers&Pregnant women

2) People taking blood thinners like aspirin for cardiac reasons.

3) Adolescent girls as it may lead to heavy periods.

Haldi is also available as capsules eg SNEC30 by Arbro Pharma and medicine from Himalaya and other Made in India, as recently Haldi as a Patent Curative has been approved by the USA.