" WHY DO WE GET FAT ?? " a frequent question which arises in everybody's mind. There are N number of reasons why a person gets fat. Every individual has a different body type.  Gaining weight a is a slow and steady process which does not occur over a night. Here are few


  1. JUNK FOOD: Due to easy availability of junk food at your door steps, intake of  junk food has  increased. Due to sedentary lifestyle and hectic schedules people opt for easy available food. It is not only tastier but we get addictive to it. To name a few burgers,pizzas,etc and not to forget the Indian counter parts like chole bhature, chole kulche, etc. It is the major  reason for weight gain.
  2. SUGAR CONSUMPTION: Sugar consumption has increased in the form of ice-creams, aerated drinks, juices, candy's, chocolates, chocolate syrups as dressings on cakes, etc. The consumption of fresh fruits has decreased as now we are much dependent on packed juices.
  3. INTAKE OF MORE CALORIES AND PROCESSED FOODS: We are consuming more calories but spending less calories now a days. The convenience of washing machines, dishwashers, elevators, escalators has caused lesser expenditure of calories. Hence we pile the extra pounds as we are not burning calories. Highly processed food not only decreases the nutritive value of product but also can lead to weight gain. Packed and processed food increases the risk of weight gain.
  4. GENES: Genes also plays a major role in this. Due to change in environment our genes does not adapt those changes quickly. Social environment is major factor that determine calorie intake. For Example, Eating out in group can increase your calorie intake.
  5. MEDICAL PROBLEMS: Due to medical problems like PCOD, thyroidism, diabetes, etc. If you are suffering from any of these problems that can cause your body to pile up extra kilos. Do visit the doctor immediately and do not ignore the issues as it may lead to a viscous cycle of weight gain and its related disorders.
  6. OVEREATING: Overeating is also factor that leads to weight gain. Availability of more food options will lead to overeating. The more variety we have the more we eat.
  7. SLEEP: Sleep is also one of the major factor which leads to weight gain. Not taking proper sleep will lead to unbalanced hormones and metabolism also becomes slow which lead to weight gain. Not sleeping on time also increases your hunger cravings which leads to late night munching and it further  leads to weight gain.
  8. EXERCISE: Due to poor lifestyle people are not indulging into any physical activity. The calorie intake should be equal to the calorie output.If we are only consuming calories we are making store house for fat in our body due to which we gain weight. so it is advised that one should engage himself in some or the other physical activity like gym, yoga, walk, jogging, swimming, etc.

These factors have caused malfunctions in whole system due to which people are getting fat.

Consult a experienced dietitian who can guide you correctly and help you in making lifestyle change. Enjoy journey to health.