There was Nehruvian Socialism ,during early sixties &early seventies, the fee structure was modest & there were No Demands for Dowry ,rather it was looked down upon accepting Dowry by Bright and Beautiful as if they were Not Capable of Earning a Roof !

Circa 2016- a medical seat is sold for 1 Cr. and MD is more than this. Still parents of Educated Girls are Made to hold eventful weddings costing more than MBBS + MD put together.

During the sixties, girls were passionate about Powers of Being Educated, though they were not Liberated like girls of today.

Society is divided like Never before about Education of the Girl Child.

For Survival of Girl Child ,there are funds which are paid to parents, doctors conduct deliveries for free if it is a Girl Child, so that declining ratio of girls can be boosted up.

From Day 1 , The Girl Child is at Mercy of Dole Money.

With Slogans like Beti Bachao, Beti Padao ,started 2 years ago to Enlighten people, there is not much of a difference in the Mindset of People ,visiting us as patients or in Society that Continues to taunt the Mothers & Daughters in households with No Son.

The Girls bringing laurels just happened to do so by chance and through their own grit and will power.

Recently a doctor working at AIIMS-Delhi committed suicide because of Dowry demands, she was married to an Air India Pilot & was Mother of a 2 years old daughter. She did confide to her parents ,who are now crying hoarse for Justice but kept quiet when their daughter was facing abuse about Not doing Household Duties. At least this home could afford helpers.

Or she could have moved out on her own to live with the daughter at Campus of AIIMS which provides all amenities along with a good salary. This sounds preachy but it is not impossible to dissect self from relatives and friends & go on living for the sake of the little girl.

There is a segment of society that respects educated women & gives them honor and protection. May their numbers increase.

Girls are at all time low in certain areas of Haryana- 200 : 1000 boys born.

Can movies and serials be blamed for the gaudy behavior of girls, under the garb of being Sanskari ?

Maybe Yes.

If Udta Punjab has ruined a generation of its pampered boys , then Serials and Movies have ruined equally a generation of girls Who Do Not Want to Study.

Save the Girl Child through quality education without paying in Crores as bribe money without being Bothered about Left , Right, and Center.

Stay Away from Sanskari people who demand Dowry from parents of daughters. The Degree of Daughter Should not go to dustbin & it becomes News for a day-Another Bride Burned for Dowry.People have become hardened and they have stopped Reacting to such news.

Daughters are precious and follow the examples of people who believe in Merits of Daughters as Dowry for Life.