total knee replacement surgery reviews in the last week- 

My mother, who had been suffering from severe knee pain since 10 years, has recently been operated by Dr.Deepak Inamdar.The operation went smoothly. Proper guidance was given with respect to the aftermath of the operation. She is able to walk around independently from second day of the surgery.She seems a lot more comfortable now.Thanks to Dr. Deepak 


2TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT , REVIEWVery much satisfied.""Knee ReplacementFriendly doctor, excellent response, very much satisfied."MAHANANDABangaloreKNEE - PFC  DEPUY / TITANIUMSURGEON - DR DEEPAK INAMDARHOSPITAL - EXCELCARE REVIEW 

3TKR - Total Knee ReplacementMy father, who is 73 years old, was suffering from severe pain in the left knee from past 2 years and was having difficulty in walking long distances. When we met Dr.Deepak, he educated us on what the problem really was, and what was causing the pain. He guided us well on the surgery procedures and treatments, right from the beginning, till after-surgery-physiotherapy treatments as well. That made going through the whole process very smooth for us. Its been almost 6 months now, since the TKR surgery by Dr.Deepak Inamdar  and the physiotherapy treatments, and I am extremely happy to say that my father's back to his active self now. He walks almost 3-4 kms everyday, climbs stairs without any trouble, and hasn't complained of any pain so far. All thanks to you Dr.Deepak!"yaminicharlotteNC , USAKNEE - PFC  DEPUYSURGEON - DR DEEPAK INAMDARHOSPITAL - EXCELCARE

 REVIEW 4knee replacement reviewSayan Dattaa year agoIn a single word emoticonMy Mother was suffering for Osteoarthritis for many years now. Her walking was impacted badly. She could not walk straight using her legs and the suffering was increasing every passing days. We have visited to many doctors and many hospitals across various cities. But apart from the advise of Knee Replacement there was no other alternative given by the Doctors.At the end we decided to go for the operations and Dr. Deepak & Ortho One came as savior. The total experience was just awesome. The fact that operation is painful was still there, but the way she was able to move her legs right on the 2nd day of operation was mind blowing. On 4th day of operation she was able to walk WITHOUT help of any walker or 11th day she is able to walk for some distance without any help from any one and as per the Physiotherapist she is doing EXCELLENT with her leg without much intervention of the pain in her leg. Everyone is surprised to see this. The credit goes to her confidence, but without help of Dr. Deepak and his continuous monitoring this would not have been possible.I would recommend Dr. Deepak Inamdar and Ortho One to every one who is suffering and wants to get relief. Thanks emoticonKNEE - PFC  DEPUY HOSPITAL DONE - APOLLO SURGEON - DR DEEPAK INAMDAR