Wearing glasses is associated with so many myths, taboo, emotions and glasses self awareness, yet they are great! So lets learn why they are good !

1.Glasses were introduced in 18th century, & were wore as a monocle. They were rare, and people using them were educated and read books. Hence the mindset association of glasses with more read & intelligent person.

2. Glasses will make you see better.

 Do you suffer from migraines caused by eyestrains? A pair of eyeglasses can remedy this.A proper glasses correcting your number with antiglare coating will reduce your migraine headaches episodes to minmal.

3. They will make you look smarter. Almost all psychologists agree that glasses-wearers look more qualified for jobs compared to those who do not wear them.So glasses gets you an extra point.

4. They are fashionable. They make a strong non verbal statement. You know that first impressions matter. When you see a person wearing glasses walk into the room, your brain unconsciously starts formulating superficial judgments. Therefore, regardless of your looks, glasses can help you enhance your unique style and improve how people perceive you in the process.

5. They protect your eyes from harmful UVB Sunlight & delays aging. On the plus side, polarized lenses help protect your eyes and delay macular degeneration.

6. It is easier to read with them on, especially when you are over 40 years of age & presbyopia starts.

7. They make life more beautiful. Fortunately, glasses will restore your full vision, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident as you have fun. The world is full of beautiful sceneries, and you should have the ability to behold all these moments with crystal-clear vision.

8. They are an affordable option.

9. They can have anti-glare coating or blue cut, which makes our eye more comfortable in front of screen.

so why not start wearing & valuing your glasses .