It could be quite frustrating that you have been doing many things to lose weight, but still you are not losing it. The reason could be that we all have different body types which behaves differently so we all have different requirements. There could be many reasons that may be creating difficulties in all our efforts of losing weight. 

Losing weight is actually not that easy as it may sound, but with proper diet and dedication it is not impossible to reach our ideal body weight.

1. Negative Feelings and Thoughts

These can create difficulties in losing weight. Always think positive and never feed your mind with negative feelings and thoughts. When our mind is stressed, it impacts the body too and it continues to create difficulties in our efforts of weight loss as it favours fat cells production. 

2. You are too much stressed out

Stress causes some hormonal changes in our body as it causes the release  of the hormone – cortisol, which in turn aids the production of fat cells. Make sure that you get enough sleep and try to stay calm and relax. This will calm down our nerves and all anxieties.  

3. You may be sleep deprived or not getting enough of sleep  

When you do not get proper sleep, it may make you feel weak and tired. And when you feel weak and tired, you try to eat foods which are easy to cook or already cooked that make you putting in more calories inside you. Proper sleep and rest is important for the body to work properly and properly store fats and utilize it. Due to lack of sleep, it creates physiological stress and it make the body to store the fat inefficiently and not utilizing it. 

4. You might be under certain medication or drugs 

Certain drugs behave differently when it comes to body weight. Certain drugs like the one used to cope depression, seizures, mood disorders, diabetes, and migraine and like blood pressure drugs causes weight gain in users. Every drugs have its own way to increase weight – some increases appetite, some changes the way fat is stored in the body and some on how the insulin levels change. Some of the most common medicines that promote weight gain are – steroids, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-seizures, medicines for diabetes, medicines for blood pressure and heartburn medications.  

5. It could be hypothyroidism 

One of the most common weight gain reasons is ‘hypothyroidism’. It considerably reduces your metabolic rate causing weight gain and loss of appetite. Symptoms like feeling tired, getting headaches, sleeping too much, intolerance to cold and alike is seen, you should immediately consult your physician. If after all the efforts you are not losing weight, hypothyroidism could be one of the prime reason behind it.   

6. Hitting a plateau 

If you have been doing everything right and initially it was good but now it has slowed down and constant, it might be possible that your metabolism have hit a plateau. It is time to change it. Change completely – the foods that you eat, the exercises that you do and even the routine that you follow.