We all love chips. We know they’re not healthy, but we might as well know which are better than the others and pick the chips that are the healthiest in India. There are many different products in the market, so we considered the leading brands- Bingo, Lays, Uncle Chipps, Kurkure, Senor Pepito and Mad Angles.

For each of them, we took a 100 gm sample.Surprisingly, 5 out of 6 had the same calorie content of about 545 calories, the same amount of fat- 34 gms and the same amount of carbohydrates- 55 gms. The one that stood out was Senor Pepito. For a 100 gm sample, they had 440 calories, 18 gms of fat and 66 gms of carbohydrates. 

Considering calorie count and fat content, Senor Pepito lead the way. Its protein content was also 20% higher than the others. Even with higher carbohydrate content, since the calorie count and fat content is much lower. 

Regardless of the calorie count per bag, it's important to note that none of these are healthy for you. If you’re hungry, instead of going for a bag of these, go for a fruit. Easily available, they are so much healthier- check out nutrition of apple nutrition, healthy guavas, and healthy bananas.Read to know about are banana Milkshake fattening?

Nutrition info per 100 gms of following:

Bingo: 545 kcal, 34 gms fat, 55 gms carbs, 5.4 gm protein

Lays: 544 kcal, 33 gm fat, 54 gms carbs, 7 gm protein

Mad Angles: 548 kcal, 33 gm fat, 56 gms carbs, 7 gm protein

Uncle Chips:Calories per 80 gm bag: 430kcal

Kurkure: Calories per 144 gm bag: 785kcal

Senor Pepito: 440 kcal, 18 gm fat, 66 gms carbohydrates, 9 gm protein

Note 1: We could not assess saturated fat content since the law does not require it to be listed.Read more about trans fats and how to avoid it.

Note 2: Some of these products are not sold as ‘chips’, but we considered it here since it's often perceived as the same category as potato chips.