Everyone wants to lose weight and probably know how to lose weight. But did you ever wonder what happens to the “weight” when you lose it? Does it evaporate into thin air?

Our body requires energy for all its internal & physical processes. It derives this energy from food in the form of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Energy used by the body is measured in calories. Therefore weight loss is directly proportional to more calories burned or consumed by the body for its activity.

Food is the fuel to our body. From our heart beating to blood circulation and even digestion of food requires energy. So when the food enters our system it is broken down in glucose. Whatever the body requires it consumes it while the rest of it gets converted into fat and is stored in cells to be used later.

To burn that stored fat you should keep a check on your food intake and workout routine. When you increase the level of your physical activity or take less calorie foods then fat cells start to act as a fuel for the body. These activities trigger a message for the fat cells via hormones and in response of the message a hormone called Lipase present in the fat cell breaks down the stored fat into its respective fatty acid components and glycerol which are released in the blood streams of the body so that tissues absorb them and use according to their energy requirements. The whole process of breakdown of stored fat results in the shrinkage of the cells which helps you in achieving a toned body.

In a nut shell, when you lose weight your extra kgs get burn as your body uses the stored fat in cell as energy making the cells shrink. Resulting in a slimmer you.

Not only fat cells but your skin also gets alter with your weight gain or loss. As you lose weight your skin also does the same. When this loss is moderate your skin automatically adjusts itself according to your new size. Skin gets its elasticity from a protein known as collagen but as you get older this protein starts to deplete in the body which is why you get the wrinkles on the skin as you age.

Even when you are young collagen has its limitation. Rapid weight gain or weight loss can affect the production of collagen causing you to get stretch marks. People also tend to get lose skin with sudden fluctuation in weight.

The best way to prevent it is to be careful about how you lose weight. Your body must have taken time to put on those kgs. You need to accept this fact and use a

more practical and balanced way to lose weight. The healthy range of weight loss is considered up to a kg a week.