Colon is a part of the large intestine where water and salts are absorbed from the semi-digested food before wastes are thrown out of the body in form of stool.Colon cancer is uncontrolled growth of cells in the large intestine that takes the form of tumor and destroys normal tissue cells surrounding it.

Myriad researches have shown a strong correlation between diet and colon cancer. Experts believe that Colon Cancer can be prevented with the help of correct diet. A diet lacking in fiber, full of fat and red meat supplemented with heavy alcohol consumption greatly increases the risk of colon cancer. Here is a checklist of foods to eat and avoid to beat colon cancer.

Say no to processed foods

White bread, biscuits, a teaspoon of sugar in your morning tea and mostly all the packaged ready to eat foods at the local grocer are highly processed and lack any kind of nutritional value.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The American Cancer Society recommends a minimum of five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. To fight colon cancer, the ideal servings should be more than nine. Berries,Cherries, raw or slightly cooked cruciferous veggies such as cauliflower,broccoli and green and purple cabbage are among the top recommended fruits and veggies. Microwaving veggies should be avoided, as it destroys the cancer protecting flavonoids.

Whole Grains

American Institute of Cancer Research recommends inclusion of variety of whole grains such as Whole-wheat, Brown rice,Millet, Barley, Buckwheat, Sorghum, Maize and other grains in our daily diet to fight cancer. Whole grains are a great source of trace minerals and health promoting phytochemicals.

Herbs & Spices

Ginger, Turmeric and Garlic are the everyday spices that have been the center of numerous research due to their amazing cancer fighting properties. Ginger reduces inflammation and soothes the digestive tract. Some studies show that ginger may be stronger than chemotherapy in fighting cancer cells. Turmeric interferes with the cellular process of cancer and stops its development. Garlic has active compounds that activate the immune systems natural defenses against cancer. These super spices and herbs not just boost the flavor of food but have amazing medicinal properties too.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and Seeds contain high amounts of lignans - the super anti-oxidants that help fight cancer. They are rich in Omega-3 oils and proteins. Include nuts such as Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, and Cashews in your daily diet. The top recommended seeds to fight cancer are ground flax seeds, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Sesame seeds.


Both black and green teas have cancer-fighting properties. However, boiling tea destroys its anti-cancer properties. The correct way to make tea is to brew it for a few minutes in hot (never boiling) water and sip it with a dash of fresh lemon juice and honey.

Cancer can kill, but remember that the number of people who survive to tell increase every day.