The sun is shining hot & bright and it's time to enter the pool to cool down your body! But don't take the pool fun for granted. It is important to know that good nutrition will go a long way to stay healthy, along with fun in the pool.

Never go to the pool on an empty stomach, as it can impair your performance. Eat a small meal or snack one or two hours before you plan to hit the pool and it should be slow releasing carbohydrates like Banana, potato etc. and always try to refuel within 30 minutes of finishing your activity, as your body needs nutrients to repair muscles and replace energy. Make sure you are refuelling with the right foods, which are low in fat but high on carbohydrates and protein viz. Multi-grain Vegetable Sandwich along with low fat yogurt or oats with low fat milk and fruits.

Enjoy your swimming!

P.S: Don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen to protect your skin as well.