Nowadays several men across the world experience erectile dysfunction. This could be due to their lifestyle or because they have some disease. Hence, the vitamins for erectile dysfunction have become popular. First of all, we should know what erectile dysfunction is. It is nothing but the male cannot achieve or sustain an erection. Some of the factors that are attributed to this malfunction are unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking or diseases among old people. Many middle-aged men also experience this problem.  

All those who are affected by this disease look for vitamins. This increased demand for the vitamins makes several opportunists take advantage and they market and sell fake vitamins claiming that it will provide positive effects on impotence. Let’s see some of the vitamins that can provide positive effects.
  • DHEA or dehydrogenates effective in combating the impotence. Men who are faced with erection problems will have low blood levels of this hormone. According to studies, this vitamin helps in resolving erectile dysfunction. But debates are going on whether this is safe or not.
  • Another vitamin that can be used to solve erectile dysfunction is arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that affects the production of nitric oxide which is very much needed for men with erectile dysfunction. This vitamin will have the most positive effects that if the men have unusual metabolism of nitric oxide. However, there is no established data about the level or degree of arginine. But generally, it is said that it will improve the much needed nitric oxide.
  • Yet another vitamin is the combination of L-carnitine, propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl –L-carnitine. This helps aged men who have erectile dysfunction due to the low level of testosterone. Normally, 2g each of these three vitamins is considered ideal to consume. These two vitamins are ideal and have positive results as it increases the testosterone level than medications for low level.
  • Pycnogenol found in the Pinus Pinaster tree if taken 120 mg everyday will improve your sexual intercourse.

The above said are some of the vitamins that will work for men having erectile dysfunction. But it is ideal to consult your doctor and take the medicines as per their advice.