The fees you will be paying for your consultation is just a small amount for the education that will literally change your life, one way or the other, especially when you are already willing to pay a larger amount for hair restoration. This appointment is extremely valuable as you will be having your first interaction with your surgeon. A detailed assessment of your present hair condition, history of hair loss, dietary & lifestyle habits will all be assessed by the surgeon to give you not only a detailed treatment requirement but also any changes necessary to prevent further hair problems. Your treatment will also be discussed with details pertaining to the procedural options, techniques that will be carried out. Discuss if you're suffering any medical conditions with your doctor during the appointment. This appointment also gives you a chance to bond with your surgeon & the staff.So that you are more comfortable with your treatment.  

The consultation is an opportunity where:- 

  • You ask all your doubts/queries/concerns regarding your hair & its treatment. 
  • Gain knowledge about the actual causes of hair problems and how to prevent them. 
  • See the animated version of the procedure you will be undergoing. 
  • See a few before & after pictures of the patients operated by the surgeon. 
  • Get an opportunity to talk to a previous patient to assess his/her experience. 
  • Assess the approachability of the doctor & the staff on the basis of : 
  •  Does he/she listen to you instantly?
  •  Does he/she answer your questions patiently, carefully? 
  • Does he/she make you feel comfortable & give you confidence? 
  • Will the surgeon take good care of you post procedure? 

 At the end of the consultation, you should be highly confident about the surgeon, the staff and the procedure.