High Uric Acid and High Creatinine - If your last blood reports showed high uric acid and/or high creatinine levels then you must be thinking that your kidneys are getting affected. You are right to some extent but not completely true. If you are not sure what to do when you have such a condition then maybe you can find your answers here. 

Like always at first, we all need to understand the reasons behind our problem. The most common reason for having high uric acid and high creatinine levels is your unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating. Our body needs a balanced diet in order to function properly but an imbalance in the nutrients can result in fluctuations in the body parameters. One very common reason for these issues is not drinking enough water as per your body's needs. 

Start drinking water properly so that your body can remove all the toxins from the system. The kidney’s function is to filter the body and help to identify the toxins and remove them. Water is the basic solvent to help in removing that. So if your uric acid is high but your creatinine is in the normal range that means you just need to focus on drinking more water. And when you know that both your uric acid and creatinine are high, then you must take care of your protein intake. But that does not mean that you completely stop taking the protein in your diet. You just need to avoid high biological value proteins. This means just avoid eggs, chicken, legumes such as rajma, chole, etc. Also, you have to make sure that you do not consume two protein sources in one meal. This means that when you are having curd at lunch, just avoid paneer or dal or chicken. That way your creatinine will not be affected and you will also be able to manage your balance diet and average protein intake on your daily basis.