The toothpaste is just the co-dependent enabler.

  • You’re using too muchToothpaste ads show you how to use the tube more quickly. Just use 1/3 as much, the size of a peaIt will still taste good And too much foam can make you lose track of where your teeth actually are located.
  • You’re not taking enough timeAt least two minutes. Any less and you’re missing spots. Just because it tastes better doesn’t mean you did a good job.
  • You’re not paying attentionWe've seen people brush the same four spots for two minutes and miss the other 60% of their mouth.The toothbrush needs to touch every crevice of every tooth, not just where it lands when you go on autopilot and start thinking about what you’re going to wear that day. It’s the toothbrush friction that cleans your teeth, not the cleaning product. 
  • No tooth cleaning liquid, paste, creme, gel, or powder is going to make as much of a difference as your attention to detail willThe solution is to use what you like. It’s that simple. If it tastes good and feels clean to you, you’ll use it more often, brush longer, feel better, be healthier.

You’re the one with the problem. Remember, toothpaste is a cosmetic, first and foremost. It doesn’t clean your teeth by itself. 

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