Your potatoes will last you even up to three weeks if kept out of the fridge. In fact, refrigeration breaks down their starchiness and changes their taste so storing them in a dry place is the way to go. Use a sack or a bag made out of paper or canvas. This cares for your potatoes (and for the environment) better than a plastic bag.


The irony is that you put your bread in the fridge to prevent it from becoming stale and tasteless, but this is exactly what the fridge ends up doing as well. If hard, dry, chewy bread is your thing, then go right ahead. If not, keep it out at room temperature and it will remain soft and fresh for at least 3-4 days.


Garlic has a flaky white protective skin that needs air so store it in the open if you want to last beyond two months. Once in the fridge, its look won't change but when you peel it you will find that it has lost its zing and become soft and moldy.


Another one that likes to be aired is the onion. Keep your onions out of the fridge in a mesh bag or in an open rack if you want to prevent them from turning mushy. Chopped onions dry up quickly in the fridge (while making your fridge stink), so use them up immediately.


Honey is a natural self-preserving food, which means it will not go bad even if left out. Once refrigerated, it becomes thick, crystallized, and quite difficult to spoon out. Honey's delicate and soft consistency is its real charm, so this one never goes in the fridge.

Have you been making these silly mistakes? Turn a new leaf and start storing things the way they should be stored. You also get the bonus of not wasting food just because it's spoiled!