Imagine, you are in a room full of strangers and if given the choice to approach a single person for conversation whom would you choose? Of course , that person with a smiling face flashing his pearly whites!! A smile adds to the personality of an individual in many ways apart from eluding a positive vibe and our teeth play a major role in this!! Here's a guide to maintaining your teeth in best shape..

1. Maintaining good oral hygiene!

Many a times we are told about the benefits of brushing twice daily. Although this is a well known fact, it is seldom practiced.  A little handy tip would be to practice gargling. Cavity formation begins with food rotting away on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, especially the molars. One can also keep a mouthwash for use during your office hours like- post lunch. 

2.Improving your diet.

One can incorporate roughage into the diet. Adding ample amounts of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and milk is helpful. Avoid sticky foods, cola and other acidic beverages. The biggest threat to your teeth comes from mid meal snacking. This means having junk food in between meals such breakfast, lunch and dinner. One can substitute mid meal cravings with healthier food options such as fruits.

3. Visual inspection of teeth at home while brushing!!

I usually advice my patients to report to the dental clinic when ever they observe a black/brown spot in their teeth, or for that matter when they find anything unusual like bleeding gums or change in tooth colour. Dental treatment is always easier when performed at the early stages rather than waiting for symptoms to appear.

4. A routine visit to the dentist 

Yes, a Dental check up goes miles in increasing the life span of your teeth. A routine check up brings to your attention neglected aspects of your oral health such as cavities, tartar, gum problems. Infant, your oral health provides insight to your general body health as well. A thorough examination of your teeth prevents minor problems from becoming major ones. This saves you from emotional, physical and financial stress!! A dental check up usually culminates in a treatment plan and covers up all your queries ranging from diet counselling to brushing technique.The frequency of your visit varies depending on the condition of your teeth with some group of people requiring more frequent visits such as smokers or those with a high cavity risk.

 Healthy teeth are an asset, do schedule your next appointment for that flawless smile !!