ICU expands as Intensive Care Units. These care units are designed to cater to critically ill adults. Similarly, there are neo-natal intensive care units called NICU. These are units specially and carefully designed to cater to the needs of newborn babies who need critical treatment.

So, that’s the basic difference. But since both are for critically ill, what is the difference between the two physically? 

Different Beds

In normal ICUs, there are big size beds which aren’t feasible or comfortable for newborn babies. Special size beds are required for them. The temperature of these beds also needs to be controlled. These beds are called isolates and they are closed ones.

Equipment and Machinery

Newborn babies require more sophisticated machinery and other equipment. These need to be designed as per the size and capacity of newborn babies. NICUs take care of these.

24×7 Surveillance

A close watch on neonatal patients is very crucial as they cannot complain in case of any discomfort. Vitals should be monitored periodically and clothes and beddings are changed on a regular basis.

Neo-natal TeamThe neonatal team should be well versed with the patient condition and experienced enough to interpret minor deviations in the health of the newborn.