Joint pain is major problem which covers almost all the stages of life. Some illnesses are there which gets detected in early age or childhood while some conditions take years long duration to reveal the symptoms. According to Ayurved, meals plays major roll in disease pathology. Having chilled food items, less quantity of food, dry food items may lead your body to generate vaat dushti which is the major cause of Joints pain. Having bitter, spicy or astringent food in high quantity and ongoingly or having light meals on regular basis ma lead to joints pain. 

Along with all this, heavy exercises, high frequency of intercourse, heavy physical activities, work more than your physical stamina, high stress, preventing the urge to urinate, feces, yawning, physical trauma are the most important causes of joints pain. 

Joints pain usually starts with pain on movements of joint, movement restriction, morning stiffness at joints, bone sounds during movements of joints, swelling at joints, difficulty in day today activities. 

 Chronic joints pain leads to disability where joints becomes stiff and may forms bending into their natural structure. Joints pain like Rheumatoid arthritis are with changing pain area. Patient suffer from knee joint pain for few days after that the pain get shifted to some another joint say shoulders and keeps on changing the joint. Mild fever is also observed in this kind of condition. Along with Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, are some frequently seen joint pain conditions in India.

In ayurved, joint pain is divided in to two types one are 'Strotorodh janya" i.e. where the pathology is due to some defects of blockages in various canals of systems and another type is "Dhatukshayaj" where degeneration of various body components is considered as route cause. Along with ayurvedic medication, it need proper panchakarma treatment, following proper aahar i.e. balanced diet according to imbalance of Dosha in your body and proper guided exercises to keep the joints active and avoid their stiffness and disability.