The World Health Organisation has listed Delhi as the worst place in the world due to its high pollution levels. Exposure to smog can be severely harmful to our health in several ways. It can cause/aggravate allergies, asthma, COPD, and bronchitis. Apart from respiratory health, smog is equally harmful to cardiovascular health as well. It can lead to heart diseases and cause premature birth. Also, you will be shocked to know studies have linked air pollution even with mental illnesses like depression.

Who all are more vulnerable:

*Kids and elderly

*Anyone with respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, allergic complaints

*Anyone who stays out on roads for long hours, even if sitting in cars!!

Indoor plants help to clean the air


We need to follow these measures to ensure better health:

• Minimise use of indoor pollutants. Products that have high perfumes such as deos, cleaners, sprays, incense sticks, etc should be stopped completely

• Keep your doors and windows closed specially for morning and evening hours. They should be specifically opened with sunlight

• Keep indoor plants which help in cleaning the air around

• Use activated charcoal packs, easily available at online sites for cleaner air inside

• Air purifier may be used especially for sensitive age groups and patients

Use mask when moving out


• Avoid going out when it's cold outside, i.e early morning and evening hours as pollutants are closer to the earth surface

• Use masks with respirators marked N95/N99/FFP3 only

• Avoid areas with heavy traffic movement DIET

• Keep hydrated. Take water infused with herbs like tulsi

• Take overnight soaked nuts and seeds, amla, lemon, guava, orange for Vitamin C, E, and Omega 3 rich diet and a boost to our system

• Avoid junk food, oily, cold, excess of sugar and salt

• Take lots of fruits and salads. Kiwi, pineapple, onion, etc. act as natural antiallergics

• Eat more jaggery. It can be mixed with ajwain or saunf post meals

• Take turmeric milk at the end of the day

Plant trees


• Be aware of the air quality index of your are area. You may decide your outdoor activity accordingly

• Plant air-cleaning trees such as neem, peepal, Champa, Jamun, deodar, etc. Wash plants often so that leaves are clean of dust and clean air effectively