In view of latest development in Delhi NCR, I was compelled to write this article to reinforce the need to educate our children regarding child sexual abuse.

Simple concept of " Good touch ,Bad touch" can help to open up with children.

Educate kids regarding Good touch and Bad touch to guard them against Sexual harassment. Discuss with kids regularly and ask them to talk to you whenever anyone touches them in private parts. 

If we educate our children then only we will be able to fight against this menace. 

We need to spend quality time with children (so that they can open up to you easily). We need to be compassionate without being judgmental.

Remember we have to be proactive if we have to protect our children.

Do attend all the parent teacher meeting. Discuss in details regarding safety measures which school has taken?. Do they perform mock drills too?

Few of the steps that can be helpful are:

  • Encourage them and support them at every step.
  • Talk to your child; try to spend quality time with your kids. 
  • LISTEN to them rather and ask them open-ended questions.
  • Let them open up to you. 
  • They might not be able to express things well and might be emphasizing on very small things which you might. find not important. But remember, for them these small things might be more important than you think. 
  • And it will encourage them to share more important things with you once they grow up.
  • Show them that you are listening intently. Maintain eye to eye contact with them as they talk.
  • Talking daily and discussing things as a daily routine will help you tackle.