Breast augmentation has been popular among women over the past few decades. It can enlarge and reshape the breast to look more attractive. There are many implants available from which you can choose from. Some of them are listed below with their pros and cons.

Saline filled implants

Saline breast implants are shells filled with sterile saline water. These implants may leak and collapse but the sterile saline solution will get absorbed in the body later excreted and cause no harm to the body.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel and gives a more natural looking breast shape. These implants will not collapse even after a leak in implant. But can lead to asymmetrical appearance of breast. Regular and more frequent checkups are important to ensure proper functioning of the silicone implants.

Form stable implants

Form stable implants are filled with thicker consistency silicon and these implants do not lose their shape even after breaking. These implants are usually drop shaped, if the implant rotates it leads to an unusual appearance of breast and require another surgery for relocation.

Textured implants

Implants are textured so that they stick with the body tissue to avoid rotation of implant. Implant manufacturers introduce different shapes in such kind of implants so there is more variety to choose from.

Your plastic surgeon knows what’s most suitable for you. So, it is best to share your concerns and expectations with your doctor before you finalize on which one to go for.