If you a woman in mid-40s having unproportioned large breasts, then you might already have started witnessing issues with it.  Dealing with back, neck and shoulder pain or any other physical symptoms may have become the course of your life. As women age, the breasts tend to sag more and more and due to large breasts, the sagging is even more due to gravity. This sagging leads to adding pressure on neck, back and shoulders to keep the body posture upright. This leads to pain which becomes an issue and starts affecting your normal lifestyle.

Did you know there is a way out? Now you can reduce your breast size by going through a Breast Reduction surgery often known as Mammoplasty that can reduce your heavy breasts into a compact, petite breast. Our life.

Breast Reduction surgery overview:

  • The Breast Reduction Surgery is performed by any skilled plastic surgeon under general anaesthesia.
  • Any surgeon would take a minimum of 3 hours to complete the breast reduction surgery.
  • An incision is made around the areola then extended to a horizontal line in the breast crease.Now the incisions might vary depending on specific requirements of individual patients.
  • The excessive breast fat, granular tissue, and breast skin are then removed to give it a more compact and petite appearance.
  • Swelling and bruising will be observed for several weeks. This procedure includes minimum healing time. The patient may able to return to work within a week.
  • You will be able to see the final results within 4 weeks post surgery.
  • The chances of complications are rare but that might include Infection, bleeding, undesired contour, and areola contour irregularities.
  • Sometimes the nipples might also lose sensation due to the removal of certain glandular breast tissues.

Who can be the best candidate for the surgery?

  • Women with large pendulous breasts who actually struggle to carry them.
  • Women suffering from back or neck pain due to oversized breasts.
  • Women who are not planning for pregnancy.
  • Candidates who keep realistic expectation from the surgery can be considered ideal for the surgery.

Benefits of Breast Reduction surgery:

Women undergo breast reduction surgery not only to bring a pleasant appearance but also to cherish other benefits associated with it. Let’s have a look at it:

  • Cosmic benefits: One can have a perfect and good looking body line by undergoing a breast reduction surgery. You will get a proportioned pleasing body appearance. Also, you will be able to open up a wide variety of wearable options for you which you always avoided due to oversized breasts. Reducing the breasts can also help to get a straightened and slim posture. Participating in any physical activities won’t e painful anymore.
  • Physical benefits: Breast reduction can correct the posture and straighten torso which can prevent pain in the back shoulder and neck for the future. The deformity with age can also be noticeably reduced as you don’t have to bear the heavyweights with you. The reduction of extra weight makes exercising more comfortable and that can lead you to a healthy life. Large Breasts traps moisture on the underside of breast skin and gives rise to rashes and itchiness. By undergoing a breast reduction procedure you can permanently get rid of it.
  • Physiological benefits: Breast reduction surgery not only provides physical and cosmetic benefits, but it also creates a great impact on the physiological effects. With the reduction of breast size, you can freely move and be able to participate in maximum physical activities. Obviously interacting with more people and being involved in social activities can cheer you up and that would heighten your confidence. You can stop being self-conscious.

So if you are actually struggling with all these issues, it’s time to relish a pain-free life. Consult with an experienced plastic surgeon and undergo a Breast Reduction surgery! Stay young and be beautiful!