Steroid  are hormone,any of the group of hormones that belong to the class of chemical compounds known as steroids,they are secreted by 3 steroid glands- adrenal cortex,testes and ovaries-and during pregnancy by placenta.

All of the above are under direct control of Higher Powers- the Pituitary Gland in the brain which gives orders to secrete just enough for body to function or a bit more or lots more during




During Stress/fear ,one either learns to cope with situation or run away from situation due to fear after paying for it through wear and tear caused to body.

We identify steroids with athletes and for body building.

Because steroids do enhance the stamina and helps build muscles but only temporarily till the events last.

Everything in excess carries side effects.

Dexamethasone ,a short acting steroid can be life saving during emergencies.

One should not get 'addicted' to taking artificial steroids as a routine. Our body produces enough of them to sustain life and its difficult situations like coping with fear or trying to run away for any reason- marathons or to catch a bus !

Steroids are hormones and like other hormones in our body ,steroids too are manufactured and stored within tiny glands. Main ingredient and precursor of steroid is Cholesterol.

What can happen if a person takes steroids to survive some chronic illnesses

Steroid hormone regulates carbohydrate metabolism and has anti inflammatory effect.Steroids do change the gene expression - reason mutation of genes happens for a reason and one can ward off genes for heart attacks/ diabetes and learn to Reverse these 2 diseases which are hidden precursors of lots of other illnesses.

Typical side effects are mood changes with sudden highs and sudden lows,suicidal tendencies, increased aggression, depression,liver disease, heart attack and stroke, central obesity, moon like rounded face, allopecia, depletion of calcium from bones,acne on face, liver disease.

If steroids carry so many side effects , stay away from people who advise to take steroids for short term benefits .

Some unfortunate people do have to take them for Chronic diseases and it is better that they are made Aware about the side effects.

We have to live in this world and we have to face fear either tactfully or run away from fear. Both situations lead to Stress and increase in production of steroid hormone by the body.

We can afford to say let it be if fear factor is faced with courage and we come out of situations as winners or losers but fear or stress Imposed by others do Bring Along some Lessons to be learned for life.

This is one of the stepping stones towards progress

Steroids are important but Do Not Abuse intake for petty reasons.