The current pandemic situation has placed emphasis on “Health” like never before. With so many otherwise healthy people suddenly catching hereto unknown infections, the need to take ownership of one’s health has never been more important than NOW.  To do this, it is imperative to first go back to the roots and understand what is Health? 

As per WHO’s definition, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental,and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” In other words, it is that state of complete ease, central to human existence that helps individuals attain their maximum potential with heightened levels of productivity and well-being.

But with so much negativity going around, how exactly does one remain holistically healthy, is it even possible? 

Yes, it is very much possible and can be easily achieved through Wellness Managemen. The precise reason why it has drawn so much attention in recent times.

But what is Wellness Management? Leaving the jargon behind, Wellness is those set of integrated habits practiced on a daily basis that enhance the overall state of well-being and give a purposeful direction to individual’s existence. Wellness enables an individual to “thrive” in any given environment rather than merely “survive”.  It creates a balance within the individual to drive physical, emotional and social synergies.  

While the mainstream systems of medicine are successfully tackling disease management, Wellness is an area where alternative medicine and lifestyle management techniques can have a huge impact. So, whether it is the simple practice of daily exercise, nutrition, sleep management or practicing overall mindfulness, these wellness techniques can significantly improve individual’s physical and mental health.

Alternative Medicine systems such as Homoeopathy can help in greatly improving individual’s state of health and well-being.  Through its individualized treatment approach, Homoeopathy has been found highly efficacious in treating patients holistically—on all physical, mental and social levels.  By selecting the most appropriate medicine based on individual’s specific constitution and symptoms, Homoeopathy can help stimulate individual’s health by providing constitutional care.  This not only reduces the risks of future disease and infection but also improves the general energy levels thereby reducing stress and improving the overall state of well-being.