Motivate Family Members to Eat More of Healthy Food

Used to skipping breakfast, eating out, coffee overload and pizza parties? It is high time that you get your sleeves rolling and start eating right. Use these tips to help you along your journey in search of good health: 

Fuel for the Day 

Mornings become better when you start your day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast fuels your body with energy and helps you stay active throughout the day. For people on a healthy weight loss diet plan, fueling their body at regular intervals prevents them from taking unhealthy food decisions in the latter half of the day because of hunger. A wholesome breakfast includes foods from at least three food groups. For instance, you can eat a bowl of oatmeal (whole grain) with low-fat milk(dairy), sliced almonds (protein) and chopped berries/apples (fruits).

Are you Overcaffeinated?

Excess caffeine can affect your sleep routines and make you feel jittery and drained later during the day. Stick to 3cups (or even less) of coffee per day and be cautious about what goes into it. Drink it plain avoiding sugar and calories as much as possible. To reduce caffeine intake, switch to alternate options such as half decaf or tea, with plenty of plain water and small, frequent meals to stay energized.  

Plan Lunch Menus Over the Weekend 

Lunch menus can be decided over the weekend. Shop for the groceries, plan each day’s menu and stock your fridge to gear yourself for a healthy week ahead. You can even prepare some of the week’s lunches such as baking the chicken, chopping veggies and steaming rice during the weekend. Ensure that lunch menus are a combination of nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. Sample menus include sprouts salad with veggies and chicken, a portion of fruit and a 100-calorie cup low-sodium soup or 1 whole-grain roti with dal, salad and a piece of fruit. 

Eat the Rainbow

Rainbow-coloured produce is a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Try to pick a fruit or veggie that you have never tried before, every time you go to the grocery store. When it is not the season of your favourite fruits and vegetables, don’t stop eating produce but choose the frozen or canned ones that suit your taste.

Pre-cook Dinner Menus

Don’t feel stressed to prepare meals at home. With a little planning over the weekend, you can eat tasty and healthy dinner at home. Choose options that can be made in advance. For instance, cook a batch of soup you can add as a side during lunches or dinner during the week or bake a whole chicken for sandwiches, wraps and casseroles. Pre-cut veggies and keep staples handy such as herbs and lemons for flavouring. If you have any leftover veggie from lunch, you can use it to prepare dal and serve it along with roti.

Quick Tips

For breakfast eat:        

  • Frozen/fresh berries with low-fat cottage cheese and high fiber cereal.        
  • Poha with mixed vegetables.        
  • Besan cheela with vegetables served along with coriander/mint chutney.        
  • Whole-wheat toast with hard-boiled or scrambled egg and a portion of fruit 

Lunch can include:        

  • Salad with an oil-based dressing instead of a cream-based dressing        
  • Salad with multi-coloured vegetables.        
  • An appetizer as a meal·        
  • Splitting an entrée or saving half for later 

For dinner use:·       

  • Frozen or pre-cut veggies·        
  • Leftovers       
  • A slow cooker        
  • Frozen fruits or mixed fruits