Physical Activity For Kids

The key to good health is good food, good mood (mental stability), and a lot of exercises or physical work. When it comes to children, the mood is generally not an issue, thankfully they being innocent enough to ignore the world. Parents can take care of the good food as well, might be tricky as well, but it is manageable. But to get them into doing physical work is a real task for parents these days.

One of the top reasons is it being the digital era when children have so much content in the digital space to kill their time with. But that raises a serious threat to their health. It is important to get your children to move from in front of the TV/Mobile/Laptop screens and get them moving.

Dr Neha Bansal, a child specialist recommends some ways to get your child into doing physical work:

Reward System

If you are sure that your child acts too problematic without mobile phones, stipulate a mobile using the time for them. The trick is to keep it as a reward for physical work. If they go for a half an hour walk/exercise, they get to use the phone for 15 mins and so on. This is a clever way to get your child into doing some exercise.

Get their peers

It is really difficult to get children to do something on their own or alone. A trip to the park with his/her parents isn’t as much interesting to them as going with fellow children. So, plan with fellow parents or get your child into an aerobics or dance group where he/she is motivated and have company.

Everyday routine

Set up a routine, walk your child to the bus stand or school (if it’s near). Walk them to the market along with you for everyday chores. Let them help in the household. Make little things count.

Physical activity is as important as food. Encourage your child to stay active & fit!

If your child is obese or have other problems and suffering from his/her health, you should take them to a specialist rather than trying home methods.