Every couple looks forward to starting a family with their partner. To make a healthy baby, the sperm of the husband must be healthy. A healthy sperm count is not god's gift. But do not worry, you can try out different practices to maintain a healthy sperm count, thereby increasing the chances of impregnating (make a woman pregnant) your wife.

Adopt the following ways and means to maintain a healthy sperm count

  1. Maintain a healthy weight. You must have the right balance of hormones in your body. The presence of fat tissues in excess can lead your body towards hormonal imbalance. Thus, it is important for you to always maintain a healthy weight and stay fit.

  2. A healthy weight can be maintained only if you are following a healthy diet. It is therefore important to eat right. Many experts suggest that you increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables having antioxidants. Do not consume processed fast foods very frequently.

  3. Exercise is one of the most important elements to maintain a healthy sperm count. According to a study, outdoor activities and exercises including weightlifting are the most effective factors that increase sperm count.

  4. Exposing your testicles to a hot tub is one of the main reasons for a lesser sperm count. This is because your sperms like to live and function at a narrow temperature range. Always prefer cold water or lukewarm water showers over a hot water shower.

  5. You also need to make some important lifestyle changes to ensure that your sperm count is healthy and well-maintained. Cut back on the caffeine as well as the consumption of alcohol. Quit smoking if you do it regularly.

These easy to follow tips are surely going to help you maintain a healthy sperm count. You can successfully plan a family with your partner. Good luck.