Most of us think its enough to simply choose a diet plan and start following it. But its not. You have to learn to how to short circuit those sabotaging thoughts that encourage you to go off  your diet.

DON'T  DIET ...... YET

Write down every reason you have for losing weight.

Share your goals with a friends & family members.

Set a goal.

Even if you really want to lose more, focus on losing only five pounds at a time.

Treat your workout time like you would any other appointments, jotting it down  on your calendar each day. Tell yourself , if l want to lose weight, exercise is not optional. Do as much spontaneous exercise as you can every day.

Start your Diet

Planning of your diet ahead enables you to make  decisions about what you are going to eat before encounter triggers, and it helps keep you  in control when you are tempted.

Write down everything you eat including foods that you that you didn't plan to eat, and be precise about the amounts. Plan a diet according to your schedule  so that the effect of the menu plan will leave permanently. You have to stick to your plan.


When you can't eat something you want limiting portion sizes of what you eat and exercising is the only way you are going  reach your goal. 

Plan in advance what and how much you are going to eat, and anticipate the thoughts that might sabotage you. 

If you are following your diet plan faithfully and exercising regularly, try cutting your daily calories by 200 or exercising 15 minutes more a day. That should help you to lose about 1 kg of weight per week..


Choose all food groups in daily diet.

High fibre food like fruits, leafy vegetables.

Plenty of water a day.