Being pregnant at this time of year may mean you have different priorities than you did before. You may be avoiding alcohol (see our ideas for alcohol-free drinks to get you in the festive spirit), taking care over what you eat (don't miss our article on food safety when eating out) and generally lack the staying power to see you through the party season. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun and enjoy yourself! These ideas will help you make the most of it:

Celebrating when you're pregnant

  1. Eat little and often: Give your body the chance to digest smaller meals. That way you'll be able to enjoy the festive food without the indigestion or heartburn.
  2. Destress with some exercise: If a hectic schedule gets too much and you find yourself getting tense, take time off and do some swimming, yoga or go for a walk, instead. The exercise won't just help you feel better, it will help you to get in shape for labour and birth
  3. Pace yourself: Tiredness in pregnancy is a common problem. Don't rush around at work and at home. Drive safe and always fasten your seat belt every time you are travelling in a car, even for short distances.
  4. Take time out to relax: Put your feet up and watch that video you've never got around to watching, read that book you've never got around to reading. Enjoy a magazine without guilt! It's a holiday, remember?
  5. Shop online: It's never fun toiling round the supermarkets with bags of groceries. Besides, during pregnancy your ligaments soften and it's much easier to injure your back if you don't take care. If you can't get the heavy shopping delivered, ask someone to carry it in from the car. 
  6. Catch up on sleep: Allow yourself the luxury of some long lie-ins. Next year, when your baby's here, lie-ins won't be so easy to come by!
  7. Accept all offers of help: Let someone else peel the potatoes if they show even the slightest sign of wanting to do so! It's good practice for when your baby is here: many women find it hard to accept offers of help in those first days with a baby, so get yourself in training by accepting offers now.
  8. Drink water: It's easy to forget to keep your fluid levels topped up when you're rushing around or eating a lot of rich food. Some Braxton Hicks contractions are associated with being dehydrated, so make sure you keep some water to hand.
  9. Pamper yourself: Ask your husband to massage your neck and back to relieve the tension, light a scented candle, play some seasonal music, relax in a hot bath ... you'll soon be overflowing with peace and goodwill! 
  10. Be prepared: Some practical advice , who was pregnant over Diwali : "Make sure you know who to call if you become worried about anything over the holidays. It's a good idea to write down the numbers of your doctor and the local maternity hospital and tape it on your fridge. Keep a copy in your car as well. Save the numbers on your mobile phone and as on your husband's phone too..." That way, if you do have a worry, you won't have a panic.