Are you a person who always uses a dash of salt to your food? Since, many of our food items are a natural source of salt, adding more salt to your meals might affect your health in the long run. Which means if it crosses its level from recommended amount required in our body, it will surely affect our health in some or other way. Use it in moderation and also try other options.

Here we go:

1. Minced or roasted garlic

2. Fresh ground pepper

3. Squeeze lemon juice
4. Chopped fresh herbs like oregano, basil leaves, curry leaves, cilantro (coriander leaves)
5. Freshly chopped ginger

It’s hard to develop this habit, but slowly your taste buds will accustom to it! Also, this habit of yours will keep you away from blood pressure and bloating problems.

So, what is your favourite salt substitute? Do share with us, will love to take your inputs.