29th October is World Stroke Day. Low levels of Oxygen in air does Trigger an attack of Stroke/ Heart attack & causes for both of these deadly and debilitating illnesses is same- blockages within blood vessels supplying blood to vital organs like brain and heart.

What is Smog?

 Smoke + Fog. During winters the air quality is Very bad, low temperatures do not allow suspended particles to go up towards the sky.

There is lots of construction work going on Left-Right & Center in all cities creating Dust Particles.

Vehicles are running on road neck to neck and back to back with no place to walk/ cycle to go to work leading to fumes.

Every living being is feeling the Effects of POLLUTION.

Why are Birds dying? Every death in a bird is Not Due to Swine Flu.

Why do we Not See as many Flowers in our gardens? 

The Oxygen Generating leaves have got dust on them. Plants cannot breathe,the plants do feel like us & we have difficulty in breathing.

What is the solution? 

To stay indoors !! To get Air purifiers in cities & in our homes ! 

Is it practical? 

I feel guilty telling my pregnant patient to Not Go for a walk as Pollution can cause premature Births.

I feel guilty telling little kids about Not to Play in garden. Cycling is risky as it is due to heavy traffic.

Pollution carries risk of Arthritis Also.

Pollution does not only Trigger an attack of COPD & Asthma. It can cause-

  • Skin allergies
  • Red eyes
  • Rough skin
  • Loss of hair
  • Premature greying of hair and, 
  • Low Levels of Oxygen in blood.

Keep homes clean, do not be an Animal lover as animals are Not meant for Apartments to be confined to narrow spaces . Do keep pets only if you can maintain Mansions with large gardens. 

It is Torture to Species of animals also. Pets feel pollution and they cause Pollution too.

Grow as many indoor plants as possible within apartments but do keep the oxygen breathing out leaves Free from Dust.

Exercise indoors till the time outside air gets cleaner and worth breathing. ( Wishful Thinking !)

Do Wear a Mask when going outdoors.

Remember that Pollution is everywhere, in newspapers, on TV news, within our homes and every living being is Affected by Pollution.

We can remember it daily, use caution & avoid triggers so that disease(s) are Prevented.