Diabetics are aware of benefits of Methi (Fenugreek seeds). It does bring down levels of sugar and cholesterol, how it brings about the change needs to be reviewed and studies need to be done to reassure people about advantages of simple and cheap seeds of Methi which gives Iron and folic acids through its leaves and seeds of this Shrub plant gives plenty of benefits. 

At the moment the benefits are passed on from people to people through word of mouth.

Years ago, a report was published in American Newspapers about a young Indian Girl who proved through a science project at her school that the seeds of Fenugreek can be used to wash vegetables and fruits.

Our papers gave just a bit of space in a corner about the award won by this teenager Indian Girl in America. Maybe it was not on par with an Olympic Medal but this Study affects all of us billions in India and others in rest of the world.

Do try it at home and see the benefits for yourself.

It is known to all of us that Methi seeds are safe Preservatives , the reason they are added to Home Made Pickles made this year last till next year when mangoes will be raw again around April/May.

  • Wash the vegetables and fruits with tap water.
  • Take a broad based vessel and put a liter of water with a spoon of seeds.
  • Soak everything to be eaten raw or just to be peeled near the skin like Cucumbers. Naturally, Coated Fruits like oranges and bananas need no extra cleaning except that eat them just after removing the skin.
  • Fruits like mangoes can also be put in this water with seeds because we like to eat mangoes the Indian way with our hands and infection on the skin can enter our food pipe through nails.
  • Soak salad leaves , raw cabbage ,carrots, radish,tomatoes etc but vegetables which are cooked by sauteing like Bhindi, Karela, lauki, tinda etc get sterilised through fire.
  • Relish raw carrots, radishes, tomatoes and other fruits seen in plenty but only all through during winter months from November to March.
  • Since Methi seeds are Edible, one can pick up the soaked apple/other fruits and vegetables and eat them , use them in making sandwiches & use lots of them so that kids too relish the veggies.
  • The water with seeds can last for 24 hours and next day makes fresh mixture. 

How long to soak? 2-3 hours are enough.