It's a desire of lot of people to lose weight these days, and they follow umpteen number of methods, some devised by them, some advised by the next door neighbour or a friend and some plans taken out from the internet.

Of all the mistakes everybody commits, the commonest one is skipping the break fast. Let us see what happens when you make this mistake.

The alarm rings and the brain starts to worry:

"Its time to get up and we have exhausted the whole fuel obtained till last evening"

It calls upon the first nerve cell it has on hand to find out how much glucose is available in the blood. The blood responds:- There is sugar available only enough for the next 20 minutes, that's it.

The brain, in its doubtful gesture, replies to the nerve cell messenger: 'Alright, go and talk to the liver to see what it has in reserve.' The liver checks its savings account and replies that the total funds will last 'for about 20 to 25 minutes'. In total there is about 300 and odd grams of glucose, which means, it will last for about 45 minutes, during this time the brain would be praying to see if we feel like having breakfast.

If we are in a rush or it feels unbearable to eat in the morning, the poor organ will have to put up an emergency: "Maximum alert: we are surviving on reserves."

Further it sends signals to the Adrenal gland "Cortisone , take out whatever you can from the muscle cells, the bone ligaments and from skin collagen".

The cortisone puts to work all the mechanisms so that the cells open up to let out proteins, just like when you open your purse while buying items. These proteins pass through the liver to convert them into blood glucose. This process of muscle break down continues until we get back to eating.

As you can see, whoever thinks it is ok not to eat breakfast, is actually fooling himself : that person is eating his own muscles, it is auto devouring himself. Consequently, the person loses muscle, and a brain, which instead of occupying on intellectual functions, spends all morning activating the emergency system in order to obtain fuel and food.

How does this affect our weight?

When a person starts the day fasting, he/she starts up an energy saving strategy, because of which the metabolism reduces. The brain does not know how long the fasting will last, whether a few hours or a few days, so it takes upon the most severe restrictive measures.

That’s why if the person decides to have lunch later, the food shall be accepted as an excess, it will be deviated towards the "fat reserve" bank and the person will gain weight.

The reason behind which the muscles are the first ones to be used as fuel bank during the morning fast is because of the cortisol hormone which is predominant during the morning, stimulating the destruction of muscular proteins to convert it into glucose.

So now you know...never ever leave without breakfast, your body will appreciate it and will compensate you with better health, which is something you will enjoy, live a longer and healthier life with your loved ones. By having an early breakfast, you will have enough energy, which will help your mind work faster, your thoughts become more spontaneous, your body relaxed, with better movement capabilities and logically...your stress will reduce.