If our diet has a lot of harmful foods like oily, salty, spicy and other junk foods, then God-sent vegetables are the only saviours.

The Way We Cook Matters

First of all, don’t preserve (refrigeration)the vegetables after cutting. Sometimes, the preservation leads to a loss of vital nutrients up to 99%!!! Our cooking methods can severely damage the goodness of vegetable. Undercooking the vegetables is bad. Overcooking is worse. Always add fried seasonings after the vegetables are cooked in clean water, particularly at low temperatures, as heated or boiled oil gets broken into very harmful ingredients that can create havoc in our fat metabolism. They spike the dreaded free radicals in the body instantaneously.Have a lot of quantity and a variety of vegetables every day. Let the meal be vegetable rich. Let 60% of the diet be carefully prepared and properly selected vegetables, including both raw and cooked ones.