Parents, please don't be apprehensive about scheduled vaccination during these Covid times. As per the latest government guidelines, no vaccination is to be deferred because of the coronavirus scare. 

Some Important Information Regarding Vaccination:

  • Better late than never - For best results (immune response) give vaccination as per schedule. If missed out, consult your doctor for a ‘catch up’ vaccination.  
  • Recommended age - Refers to the completed age, i.e. if a vaccine is due at 2 years, it means that the vaccine is due on completion of 2 years.     
  • Inform your doctor - If your child had a reaction to any previous vaccination.     
  • Not a reason to delay – Minor afebrile illness/mild respiratory infection is not a reason for delaying vaccination. 
  • Mild fever / local pain after vaccination - It is common to have a mild fever or local pain at the injection site.  Fever can be treated with Paracetamol/Crocin(10-15 mg/kg/dose). For local pain, apply ice at the injection site and Syrup Brufen5-10 mg/kg/dose after food, after consultation with the doctor.     
  • Allergic reaction - The baby should be observed for at least 20-30 minutes after immunization for any allergic reaction (dizziness, headache, nausea, abdomen pain, rash, body/joint pain, etc). These generally subside in 2-3 days. Consult your doctor if required.       
  • Combination vaccines – Ask your doctor for combination vaccines as these decrease number of pricks to your child. Also do not hesitate to ask your doctor for cheaper options for the vaccines.
  • Multiple vaccines – administration of multiple vaccines at the same time / same day / within few days / after a month, etc is best decided by your doctor based on experience and guidelines.·       
  • Government pulse polio program – Its a global effort to eradicate polio from the community. Thus, give OPV during all government pulse polio program, in addition to the scheduled doses. ·       
  • Vaccines recommended by IAP for high-risk children(immunodeficient, systemic dysfunction) and in special circumstances(travelers, pet handlers, disease outbreaks, health care workers) -  Influenza vaccine, Meningococcal vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Cholera vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Yellow Fever vaccine, PPSV23.