Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor also called its essence. Essential oils are obtained through distillation or mechanical methods such as pressing.

Some of the uses of Essential Oils are-

Essential Oils are most commonly used in aromatherapy, they are either inhaled or diluted then rubbed on the skin. 

Many people use them to scent their homes or freshen up things.

Used as natural scent in homemade cosmetics and high quality natural products

Used for extending the shelf life of food in industries

Benefits of Essential Oils

Balances hormones- Some essential oils may help in balancing the hormones and are also able to lower cortisol levels which can in turn improve your mood, reduce depression, increase testosterone, improves libido, etc.

Boost Immunity and fight infections- Many essential oils have the potential to fight pathogens which can threaten your health. These can also be used to boost immunity and fight infections.

Support Digestion- Some oils help to relieve upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea, etc. These oils stimulate the digestive enzymes which in turn makes it easier to break-down and absorb the nutrients, fats and proteins required by the human body.

Boost Energy Levels- Some oils have stimulating effects which helps to increase oxygen flow in the brain and makes you feel refreshed, focused and energized.

Improve Brain Function- Many essential oils possess powerful anti-oxidants that helps to improve brain functions and reduce inflammation. They can also be used to improve memory, learning and ability to focus.

Remove Emotional Stress and Anxiety- Some essential oils have sedative properties and induce a calm, peaceful, uplifting and relaxing feeling. They have anti-anxiety and stress relieving capabilities.

Boost Skin and Hair Health- Essential oils may calm irritated skin, reduce signs of ageing, like age spots, improve acne, protect your skin from sun damage and thicken your hair.