As we change our thinking as we change  our focus behaviour will follow. Positive thinking makes our mindset remarkably strong.It makes our mind like bullet proof jacket to whom external circumstances,situations, people do no matter what the disruption they have or challenges they face. positive energy keeps u happy ,energized and focus. To rewire, recondition try to get the rising genes in u .Wake up early in morning. This habit will give u energy and stamina for whole day. Getting up early morningwork out will help u to control ur biology. Hydrate ur body with sufficient water.cleanse ur body and allow it to release the necessary chemicals and harmones.Fill ur mind with good ideas,positive thoughts that will tone ur whole day. Have  morning  juice or milk with family members or room mates. Give ur self a perspective thinking about your goals.practise gratitude whole day.Take wonderful shower. Refocus  ur mind with affirmation for ur own self eg today i will face challenges with more positively .one has to check our mindset from time to time we do not know when negativity enters or we have to be a good watchmen of our thaughts  to keep a check .

So let us upgrade ourself  as know a day every app is upgrading from time to time.