Unhealthy food are the food items which have little or no nutritional value to the foods with nutritional value. Unhealthy foods undoubtedly tastes good but one should keep a control over it.


  1. SUGAR: Sugar is a complete source of empty calories as it have 100% of energy and no other nutrient. The desirable way to consume sugar is through diet as it occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, dry fruit, milk/milk product. cut down on sweets, candies, chocolates, soft drinks, fruit juices, biscuits. sugar should be consumed in moderation.
  2. CAFFEINE: Coffee is the major source of caffeine. coffee beans are grown with the use of pesticides and herbicides that are toxic in nature. caffeine is also found chocolates, colas and other soft drinks so better to avoid them. Some signs of caffeine problems are headache, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc.
  3. SOFT DRINKS: Soft drinks are bad for health due to sugar and caffeine content. Eliminate intake of soft drinks from diet by replacing them with herbal teas, lemon water, water. They only provide us with extra laden calories.
  4. REFINED FOODS: Refined foods and processed foods are made of maida with no or very less amount of fiber content. lack of fiber in diet leads to constipation, sluggish bowels and in worst cases it can also lead to colon cancer. A whole food diet with plenty of veggies and fruits provide sufficient of fiber.
  5. SATURATED FATS: Excess of saturated fat intake can lead to obesity, increased cholesterol levels which further lead to heart related problems and a host of other disorders. All fried foods, fatty meats, desi ghee, comes under saturated fat. Bland food which has less oil and spices is hardly palatable so people jump towards the rich spicy and oily foods which gives them taste and palatability.
  6. ANIMAL PROTEIN: Although animal protein like fish, egg,dairy products, chicken provide the complete source of protein which is good for health but in excess it can be harmful. Most popular source of animal fats like cheese, full fat milk, ghee, red meat, beef can cause a lot of damage to ones's health. 
  7. SALT: Salt is essential nutrient required by body which help to regulate its fluid balance, maintain heart rhythm, conduct nerve impulses and contract muscle. For a body requirement about a quarter teaspoon of table salt is required. High amount of salt intake can lead to hypertension. High sodium foods are canned and tinned foods, pickled meat, highly salted breakfast cereals, buns, cakes, pastries, packed soups, sauces, etc.
  8. COOKING OILS: Use refined oils in place of desi ghee. using 2-3 tsp of oil daily is enough for the necessary body function. Keep your oils on rotation. Don't re-use the oils as they increase the risk of heart disease and produce free radicals in the body.
  9. ALCOHOL:Too much alcohol will cause dehydration, irritability,headaches etc. Don't have a drink with an empty stomach as it will lead to empty calories. Always eat something with a drink. 2 pegs are recommended. social drinking within limits is not harmful but it is the problem of alcoholism that can be hazardous.
  10. JUNK FOODFrench fries, burgers,chips, pizzas,etc are the hot favorite amongst the current generation. They provide you only with plenty of calories which will automatically lead to weight gain. one of the main reason of obesity and child obesity is junk food intake. Apart from these elements unhealthy cooking conditions, inadequate quality check,all add to the hazardous nature of fast food or junk food.