How important are the Kidneys?

Kidneys are a pair of amazing organs. They perform a wide variety of complex functions. Though their primary function is Blood purification, they do play a key role in hemoglobin production, Vitamin D Metabolism, and in maintaining the acids in Blood within a precise and safe zone. To ensure that kidneys perform all the multiple tasks seamlessly, the body provides kidneys with almost one-fourth of blood pumped from the heart. Such Vital are the kidneys to humans..!

Kidney Failure is of Two Types

There are two types of Kidney Failure. One is Temporary Kidney Failure and the other is Permanent Kidney failure. Temporary Kidney Failure is termed as Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and permanent kidney failure is known as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Temporary Kidney failure is a temporary form of kidney Failure where Kidneys start recovering within 21 days once the root cause of kidney failure is identified and treated. In contrast, Permanent kidney failure implies a permanent decrease in kidney functions and is usually progressive in nature. The kidney function in Permanent Kidney failure patients slowly drops over a period of years. The rate of Progression of kidney failure in these patients varies from one patient to another and also depends on the nature of the root cause which resulted in Permanent Kidney Failure.

Temporary Kidney Failure

The causes of Temporary and Permanent Kidney Failure are Different. Three conditions often cause kidney failure: The first condition is due to a sudden fall in Blood Pressure. This can result due to blood loss, loss of fluid from the body, heart-pumping derangement. The second condition which leads to Temporary kidney failure is Blood Infection. This is also known as Sepsis, wherein toxins liberated by bacteria can damage multiple organs, including Kidneys. The third common cause is due to a few drugs and medications. These include pain killers such as Diclofenac and unscientifically prepared native and herbal medicines.

Permanent Kidney Failure

With Regard to Permanent Kidney Failure, the leading cause in India and across the Globe is Long-Standing Diabetes. This is known as Diabetic Kidney Disease. The second common cause of Permanent Kidney Failure is Hypertension. The third principal cause of permanent kidney failure is the indiscriminate usage of pain killers for months and years. It is prudent to know that pain killers can result in both Temporary and Permanent Kidney Failure.

Kidney Failure is Preventable

Kidney Failure is a well preventable disease. The best form of prevention of Kidney Failure is awareness and periodic health checkups. It is worth noting that periodic health check-ups are needed even in the absence of symptoms as kidney failure is notoriously a silent disease and Patients with kidney failure often do not manifest symptoms till the kidney failure reaches an advanced stage. Therefore, timely vigilance and appropriate measures will certainly pave the path to sound kidney health. Let us all strive for a Healthy and Harmonious future..!