Diabetes mellitus is a growing pandemic these days. To control diabetes or to reverse it

a healthy dietary pattern along with lifestyle modification is very much essential.

Here i am mentioning some of the important key points to take care of in dieary pattern

as such :-  1) Add on healthy carbs :- Try to add on more of complex carbs like brown rice,

                   whole wheat,brown bread,ragi,jowar,quinoa etc rather than adding more of

                  simple carbs such as white rice,white sugar,white refined flour bread etc.

                  2) Add on  low fat milk and milk products, pulses and legumes,in non-veg

                       items eggwhites,lean chicken,fatty fish like salmon,tuna,halibut,rohu etc.

                    3) Add on green vegs,leafy vegs and other vegs in moderate to liberal amounts.

                         green vegs such as bottle gourd,all gourds,parwal,drumsticks etc,in leafy vegs

                           like spinach,drumstick leaves,methi sag etc.In other vegs you can add on pumpkin,

                            yam,radish,carrot,beetroot etc you can add with green vegs in small amounts.  

                       4)  Nuts and seeds : -  Nuts such as almonds,pistachios,walnuts etc and in seeds 

                            like roasted flax seeds,pumpkin seeds,watermelon seeds etc in required amounts

                           you can have rather than having high calorie empty calorie snacks like medu bada,

                           aloo chops,samosas,burgers,pattiz etc.  

                       5) Add on healthy cooking oils like rice bran oil,sesame oil,gingely oil,olive oil etc

                           approx 500ml per day.   

                       6) Try  to  use  sugar free powder or tablets in minimal amounts rather than in excess

                            amounts.Try to use approx  5grams of salt per day.if hypertensive then you can use

                             only  1-2grams per day. Avoid adding extra salt besides in cooking,rather you can

                              use herbs like mint leaves,corriander leaves etc for salads dressing purpose.